M Sushi is the Triangle’s 1 st sushi restaurant that is dedicated solely to high- quality seafood. For Chef and owner Michael Lee it has been a lifelong dream to create a sushi restaurant that concentrates solely on providing the true Omakase style dining experience.

Our menu is small and purposeful and uses only very special seasonal seafood received directly from Japan, Korea, and US. The quality of our dishes is a direct result of our dedication to fresh ingredients and our emphasis placed on maintaining traditional Japanese cuisine with Peruvian and  Spanish influences.

We specialize in traditional sushi and sashimi courses in addition to tiradito and ceviche inspired dishes. We also feature a small quantity of specialized rolls that frequently change as a result of our desire to serve our customers the freshest ingredients available.

All of our hot/cooked dishes also utilize the same fresh seafood used for our raw and ceviche applications. This concept and structure allows us to rotate through our ingredients at a very quick pace and thus ensure our customers consistency and only the freshest products during each dining experience.

We are also very proud to say that we only use real grated wasabi for all our dishes. We also do not use imitation crab meat or minced tuna meat. We utilize real snow crab and fresh big eye tuna which we hand chop everyday for our spicy tuna mixture. Our rice is special blend of Koshihikari rice which we mix with top quality Shiragiku Japanese rice vinegar. Every ingredients are very carefully selected to create the best possible sushi experience that we can offer so we hope you enjoy and have a memorable experience. Thank you for choosing M Sushi.